Hue for Vietnam!

Dad and I are in Hue now, after spending a few days in Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City…

Saigon’s quite a place… lots of people and more motorbikes than you can imagine. Traffic is utter chaos: a wild frenzy of beeping and swerving in every direction, yet somehow it seems to work out. (for the most part)

We took a boat trip down the MeKong Delta, and have eaten all sorts of food, all of it very tasty, and much of it staring back at us. Snake wine tastes just like normal saki, but you get the unique experience of drinking alcohol that has had a dead snake pickling in it for god knows how long. sweet. (Supposed to make you more verile… watch out world!!!)

on the river

Today in Hue we took a guided tour of a whole bunch of temples, monasteries, and the like. (Between Singapore and Vietnam, we’ve seen a ridiculous amount of incredibly ornate places of worship, and paid our respects accordingly)

Vietnam ain’t the vacation paradise that a place like Australia is, but it’s beautiful, full of history, and cheap as hell. $1 = 15,000 dong, and that’ll often get you a beer and some change. Kickass.

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