A lenticular is a two-dimensional image that changes based on viewing angle.

A computer program cuts multiple pictures into fine slices and interlaces them together into one image. When a lenticular lens is placed over the image and properly aligned, it bends light to focus on different parts of the image depending on the angle of the viewer. The result is seeing a different image depending on where you are in relation to the artwork.
diagram of how it works
Lenticulars have often been used in advertising, but I’ve recently been playing with the process a great deal for my own art.


2 thoughts on “lenticulars”

  1. Hello. I was wondering how you generate your interlaced images… are you creating them by hand with something like Photoshop which is how I think Robert Munn does his, or are you using a commercial app?

    Thx, Eli.

  2. I use an app called SuperFlip to interlace most of my lenticulars, though I’ve known people to use Photoshop actions too. (Though that process is less flexible and really only useful for 3D images generated from 2D PS layers)

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