About Local Projects

Local Projects

For the past 2 and a half years, I worked at Local Projects, an award winning New York based design studio. Early on, I had many varied roles, but as LP grew, I settled into my two primary roles there:

3D Artist: Most of LP’s project designs require visualization, both for internal discussions and for client presentations. Using 3D Studio Max, I combined 2D/3D plans from partner architects with our design ideas to produce three dimensional virtual mockups of our intended media installations. Such flythroughs are being used to raise money for the upcoming carousel at Battery Park, and helped win our bid to be the media designers for the National September 11th Museum.

Hardware Designer: Of course, that which we design must also be built, so then it becomes my job to research the necessary components and build the physical implementation of our designs. One of my favorites is the infrared-based camera vision system we devised for the Black Convention of 1834 interactive.

Projects that I have worked on while at Local Projects have been featured in Print Magazine, Wired, and several other publications.

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