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The Singularity is Near…

Time Singularity Curve

Time Magazine recently featured a great article on Ray Kurzweil and the Singularity.

Illustrative as the article was, I especially liked the above graphic, which clearly shows how closely past technological changes have adhered to an exponential curve, which is the foundation for Kurzweil’s main argument.

Oddly, it was not included in the online version of the article, so… here it is.

Commenting via Facebook

After fiddling with the CSS for the WordPress-based commenting system on my site, I stumbled upon a nifty little plugin that replaces WordPress’ default commenting system with a Facebook commenting module that also allows visitors to “like” a page.

It seems to work pretty dern well, and since most of the modern world uses Facebook these days anyway, it seems like it may be a better option.

Thoughts? Comments work on any page, but this is kinda where I’m trying to test this out… so please, write a comment or hit like. Thanks! 😉