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Calling all 3D Modelers!

I remember seeing my first 3D printer at SIGGRAPH in 2002 and thinking to myself “Holy crap, this is going to be huge”. The ability to simply “print out” digitally designed objects in a single pass is already a clear boon to prototyping & manufacturing, but it’s still going to be a while before we have 3d printers atop every desk, ready to create for us whatever part, toy, or mug that we decide to download or create.

However, there are now two companies that are bridging the gap from “3D printing? What’s that?” to a fabricator in every home: Shapeways and Sculpteo allow users to upload virtual objects and order them as physical 3D objects. Additionally, both sites allow modelers to upload & sell their creations to be printed by others. Sculpteo is currently limited to white plastic and a color compound, while Shapeways adds the ability to print in glass and metal, such as the octopus ring on the right.

So to all you modelers out there: Start sellin your models as 3D objects for the world to enjoy…and feel free to send a print to me if you actually start makin some bucks doing this. 😉

Because the cloning stamp was too hard for some folks…

16 years ago I was thoroughly impressed by the power of Photoshop/Photostyler’s cloning stamp tool in the hands of a decent artist. Soon, however, we’ll have content-aware fill, which is really cool, despite the fact that I see myself uttering the words “back in my day” entirely too soon. (followed, of course, by “we had to manually sample/paint image elements!”)

New biz cards! (or calling cards, whatever)

New biz cards! (or calling cards, whatever)I recently printed up 2 different types of cards: On the left, very minimalist uncoated cards with rounded edges; on the right, double-sided mini cards.
I think I generally prefer the Moo cards, though they aren’t quite as practical, as they are half-height and slightly harder to write on. (Also, I made these the day before Moo started allowing custom logos on the text side, so as much as I like the skull, I’d rather use my Ag logo)