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Because the cloning stamp was too hard for some folks…

16 years ago I was thoroughly impressed by the power of Photoshop/Photostyler’s cloning stamp tool in the hands of a decent artist. Soon, however, we’ll have content-aware fill, which is really cool, despite the fact that I see myself uttering the words “back in my day” entirely too soon. (followed, of course, by “we had to manually sample/paint image elements!”)

New biz cards! (or calling cards, whatever)

New biz cards! (or calling cards, whatever)I recently printed up 2 different types of cards: On the left, very minimalist uncoated cards with rounded edges; on the right, double-sided mini cards.
I think I generally prefer the Moo cards, though they aren’t quite as practical, as they are half-height and slightly harder to write on. (Also, I made these the day before Moo started allowing custom logos on the text side, so as much as I like the skull, I’d rather use my Ag logo)