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Testing out streaming surround audio via divShare…

Put on your headphones.

Seriously. Go get them.

Ok, now take a listen to 3L3TRONIC playing at the Robot Heart Bus at Burning Man.

I recorded this using a Zoom H2 velcroed to my shoulder and converted it to binaural stereo using Vortex Zoom Encoder.

This is an unedited clip, hence why you can hear me adjusting the velcro at the beginning as I walk towards the bus. Stick with it, things’ll get more interesting in a sec 🙂

Why binaural stereo (simulated surround) and not true 5.1 channel surround audio you ask? Because I can’t stream full surround, and most likely you can’t play it. (The binaural surround simulation is very effective on (good) headphones, but will just sound like regular stereo when played over your computer speakers) Hear the those intermittent whooshes behind you? Yeah, big fire jets being shot from the latest sculpture by the Flaming Lotus Girls.

Anyway, this was really just a quick post to make sure everything works right. All systems go.

Stay tuned for lots more (edited) surround recordings.

Siggy CFS & the playa

Wow… So Siggraph was great, and the CyberFashion Show went quite well. Sure, we had some glitches, but all things considered, it was super-D-duper. We had great Burning Man-esque styles, with Mutaytor providing the tunes (& some models) to our packed audience. Seems we’re gonna be featured in PC World and Tech TV too. Sweet.
Anyhoo, turns out the link between Siggraph and Burning Man is huge, and I’ve made many new kickass friends.

Siggraph CyberFashion Show III