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First stop: University of Louisville

Last night I flew into Lexington, KY and met the folks I’ll be working and living with for the next month. We drank and played DOA4 in the hotel room till about 2 AM.

5 AM this morning, we wake and pile into our transport. I briefly marvel at the grandure of our bus’ all-over purple graphics and twin lounge areas before I retire to my sleeping cubby for some more rest before work.

Two hours later, we arrive at the University of Louisville. Setup commences, and next thing I know, we’re surrounded by hordes of college students playing games on our 40+ systems. My leaderboard is now up and running, music’s playing, I’m outside, and it’s warm & sunny.

Not too shabby.

The Bus

The Bus
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My home for the next month. The bus contains 2 lounges and a dozen sleeping cubbies. The lounges have 3 tvs between them, and are equipped with Direct TV and Xbox 360. We also have internet on the bus, which is nice, as it enables me to, say, upload this photo.
That’s Clarence, our driver. Don’t slam his door or you’ll get cut. (He threatens to just nick me, since he’s hoping I’ll fix his computer)


Ready for a great time-suck? Check this game out. The page is in German, or some other language that I do not know, but that’s ok because the game is intuitive enough to figure out pretty quickly. After a few levels, it gets pretty hard, but remains engaging enough that you’ll continue playing despite your frustration… Ok then, just click the link and check it out already!