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Schocholautte: Live from Bushwood

Schocholautte: Live from BushwoodA few weeks back, my sister and brother in law had a Caddyshack-themed party, and our good friends Schocholautte (pronounced choc-O-lot) were kind enough to trek out to Long Island and play for us.

I recorded the performance on a Zoom H2 in 4-channel surround sound mode, and downmixed it to binaural stereo using Vortex Zoom Encoder from IMR. Not only is the recording damn impressive for a $180 recorder and no postproduction, but if you listen with headphones, you’ll notice it’s quite immersive. (I could have also used VZE to encode this to DTS 5.1 surround, but I don’t have surround sound on my computer, and I’m guessing you don’t either)

Thanks again to Schocholuatte for coming out and making a great party even better!!!

photo courtesy of Eric Ogden

Download “Schocholautte: Live from Bushwood”

Testing out streaming surround audio via divShare…

Put on your headphones.

Seriously. Go get them.

Ok, now take a listen to 3L3TRONIC playing at the Robot Heart Bus at Burning Man.

I recorded this using a Zoom H2 velcroed to my shoulder and converted it to binaural stereo using Vortex Zoom Encoder.

This is an unedited clip, hence why you can hear me adjusting the velcro at the beginning as I walk towards the bus. Stick with it, things’ll get more interesting in a sec 🙂

Why binaural stereo (simulated surround) and not true 5.1 channel surround audio you ask? Because I can’t stream full surround, and most likely you can’t play it. (The binaural surround simulation is very effective on (good) headphones, but will just sound like regular stereo when played over your computer speakers) Hear the those intermittent whooshes behind you? Yeah, big fire jets being shot from the latest sculpture by the Flaming Lotus Girls.

Anyway, this was really just a quick post to make sure everything works right. All systems go.

Stay tuned for lots more (edited) surround recordings.

This Thursday: An Evening of Culture

Folks, this Thursday looks to be quite a treat, with 3 wonderful happenings goin on..

6-8 PM
Donald Jurney @ Arcadia Fine Arts: 51 Greene St, New York, NY 10013
Donald Jurney is an incredible landscape painter, and will be showing works spanning 30 years at Arcadia Fine Arts.

7-9 PM
Adam Stennett @ 31GRAND: 143 Ludlow St. New York, NY 10002
Adam Stennett, know for his gorgeously realistic paintings of mice, will be showing new works and a new direction.

10 PM
Schocholautte @ Ottos Shrunken Head: 538 E 14th St, New York, NY 10009
B51 alum Michael P, of Aquaman karaoke fame, will be playing with his band at a Tiki Bar.

Come on out, it should be a fun night!

Daft Punk: Alive 2007 concert in Keyspan Park, NY

Best. Show. Ever.

Going into this, I heard a lot of hype. I heard that people who weren’t even Daft Punk fans (yet somehow went?) described it as a “religious experience”. Personally, I’d not call anything short of playing shuffleboard with Jesus a religious experience… but I certainly get where those folks were coming from.

Awesome show… certainly the best I’ve been to. (though if I could have somehow attended the Pink Floyd: The Wall tour, then this would possibly fall second)

Anyway, here are some clips that I managed to shoot in between frantic dancing and screaming. Enjoy.

PS: the video above, while reasonably good for web streaming, is half the quality of what it really should be.
(plus, this is just more fun to watch on your TV or iPod)

Right click here and choose “save as” to download a high-resolution (& iPod / iTunes / iTV / iPhone friendly) version


So a friend turned me on to this new site, and it totally rocks. It’s called AudioScrobbler, and it’s like Friendster for music. It tracks all the music that you listen to and publishes your statistics. Then it can tell you what people with similar tastes are listening to, and even provides an internet radio stream of music it knows you’ll probably like. Cool.