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Siggy CFS & the playa

Wow… So Siggraph was great, and the CyberFashion Show went quite well. Sure, we had some glitches, but all things considered, it was super-D-duper. We had great Burning Man-esque styles, with Mutaytor providing the tunes (& some models) to our packed audience. Seems we’re gonna be featured in PC World and Tech TV too. Sweet.
Anyhoo, turns out the link between Siggraph and Burning Man is huge, and I’ve made many new kickass friends.

Siggraph CyberFashion Show III

Back in the US, time for SIGGRAPH!

Hey all, I’m back in the USA… twas a great trip, but it’s nice to be in my country again, though not yet home, as I’m now in LA for Siggraph.

One o these days I’ll put up some of my photos, but I took well over a thousand, so it might take a while to sort through em… I’ll prolly just wait till after Burning Man and then post a massive selection of images from Europe, Souteast Asia, Siggraph & Burning Man, which, of course, should excite you all cause I take such purdy pictures. 😉

Ok, enough of this, I’m runnin away….
I wonder, am I the only one that reads this? Most likely.

Thai me up!

Statue at temple

Dad and I are now in Chiang Mai. Yesterday and the day before, we were in Bangkok, and toured the night market (hookers GALORE) and explored the Grand Palace, which is pretty much THE most incredible & beautiful place we’ve ever seen.

Elephants bathing

Today was all about elephants… wonderful wonderful creatures… We pet them and hugged them, rode them and fed them…. we even saw elephants paint, play soccer, & play the harmonica. I had no idea how smart and talented they are. Truly the highlight of our time in Thailand.

Monks in front of Coke sign

Hue for Vietnam!

Dad and I are in Hue now, after spending a few days in Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City…

Saigon’s quite a place… lots of people and more motorbikes than you can imagine. Traffic is utter chaos: a wild frenzy of beeping and swerving in every direction, yet somehow it seems to work out. (for the most part)

We took a boat trip down the MeKong Delta, and have eaten all sorts of food, all of it very tasty, and much of it staring back at us. Snake wine tastes just like normal saki, but you get the unique experience of drinking alcohol that has had a dead snake pickling in it for god knows how long. sweet. (Supposed to make you more verile… watch out world!!!)

on the river

Today in Hue we took a guided tour of a whole bunch of temples, monasteries, and the like. (Between Singapore and Vietnam, we’ve seen a ridiculous amount of incredibly ornate places of worship, and paid our respects accordingly)

Vietnam ain’t the vacation paradise that a place like Australia is, but it’s beautiful, full of history, and cheap as hell. $1 = 15,000 dong, and that’ll often get you a beer and some change. Kickass.