Greetings from Queenstown

Yesterday I flew into Queenstown, which is much cooler than Aukland. (Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with Aukland, but it’s just another big city)… Queenstown is a nice ski town on the south island, surrounded by snow covered mountains. (Absolutely gorgeous sight to fly into)

Today I took a trip into Milford Sound and it was quite rainy but really beautiful anyway. Middle Earth is pretty nice…

“When do I turn purple?!” -quote from a dude at the world bar who was alternating between giggling and muttering to himself before he blurted out said line and left…


c 2001

Zutroy is a little video I did several years back as an excuse to try combining greenscreening and claymation. Unfortunately I underestimated the amount of frames I’d need to animate for Zutroy’s movements in the greenscreen segments, so when I stretched out the timing to fit, he became pretty slow & choppy. That and my little “rap” is just absurd. Apolgies for the cheese.

No, I've never been called "Silver" before. Why?