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Daft Punk: Alive 2007 concert in Keyspan Park, NY

Best. Show. Ever.

Going into this, I heard a lot of hype. I heard that people who weren’t even Daft Punk fans (yet somehow went?) described it as a “religious experience”. Personally, I’d not call anything short of playing shuffleboard with Jesus a religious experience… but I certainly get where those folks were coming from.

Awesome show… certainly the best I’ve been to. (though if I could have somehow attended the Pink Floyd: The Wall tour, then this would possibly fall second)

Anyway, here are some clips that I managed to shoot in between frantic dancing and screaming. Enjoy.

PS: the video above, while reasonably good for web streaming, is half the quality of what it really should be.
(plus, this is just more fun to watch on your TV or iPod)

Right click here and choose “save as” to download a high-resolution (& iPod / iTunes / iTV / iPhone friendly) version