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National 9/11 Memorial Museum

September 11th Memorial Museum

Thinc with Local Projects
2007 – present

Local Projects and Thinc Design are the exhibit designers for the National September 11th Memorial Museum. Local Projects’ primary role is the interactive media design, however during the proposal process, the flythrough I rendered helped us secure the bid. In the time since, I produced renderings of exhibit concepts for internal discussion and external presentations. (I did not, however, make the image above, as I am not at liberty to show anything I have worked on for this project)
I am no longer working with Local Projects, but they and Thinc continue to design the 9/11 Museum, which is expected to open sometime in 2011.

Times Square Visitors Center

Local Projects & WXY Architecture + Urban Design
2006 – 2008

The Times Square Visitors’ Center has been in on and off development for a few years, and has seen two major design approaches.
What both designs share, however, is the ability to transform the space with media: Lots of screens and architectural features are replaced by a bevy of strategically placed projectors that allow the feel of the entire space to be changed at a moment’s notice. Continue reading Times Square Visitors Center

Astor Square

Astor Place

Local Projects & WXY Architecture + Urban Design

A more pedestrian-friendly redesign of Astor Place has been planned for years, but now appears to finally be taking off. When WXY Architecture + Urban Design created their proposal for the Astor Place redesign, they called in Local Projects to come up with a media installation, and to create a flythrough of the proposed space. Continue reading Astor Square

SeaGlass Carousel

Local Projects & WXY Architecture + Urban Design
2005 – present

Local Projects is collaborating on the development of a new carousel for Battery Park. Its theme of sea life will link the carousel with the original New York Aquarium. The public will ride on sculpted, glowing sea creatures, surrounded by projected media of schools of fish, creating an immersive environmental ride. Continue reading SeaGlass Carousel