B51 Ghostbusters take Manhattan

B51 Ghostbusters

With everyone’s help, the packs were finished* just in the nick of time, and the B51 Ghostbusters** rolled out for some Halloween barhopping in Manhattan.
Our proton guns shot silly string, and the packs contained candy. Mine also had a set of speakers which played several versions of the theme song.

The night was a blast even though we missed a promised TV appearance and several costume contests. People all over cheered, sang, and danced when they saw us, and we were stopped for many pictures. A cop even lamented that he’d rather have our proton guns since he’s can’t shoot the one he has anyway.

* The packs aren’t really done yet. They look great, but need a few more pieces, some wires, and of course, more paint. Still, they served their purpose quite well. These things will be 100% done for next year. 😉
** Tadd filling in for Eric

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