JetBlue StoryBooth


Local Projects & Mesh Architectures

In order to tell the story of U.S. domestic airline carrier Jetblue in a forthcoming Web and television campaign, JWT (the company’s ad firm) decided to look to jetBlue passengers for content.
As the creator of StoryCorps, Local Projects was the logical choice to come up with an innovative automated interface to interview passengers and record their stories. The physical booth was created by Mesh Architectures.



Once inside the booth, a digital flight attendant greets passengers, shows an example of someone’s JetBlue story, and records the passenger’s story in HD.


This was a very fast-paced project for which I was the hardware designer. As we determined how we wanted the booth to work, I was in charge of finding the hardware needed, buying it, putting it all together, and making sure our programmers and JWT had all the templates and other design information they needed to do their part.


The booth traveled all over the US and collected thousands of stories.

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